CLINICAL TRIAL DESIGNS and Analysis of Treats

CLINICAL TRIAL DESIGNS and Analysis of Treats.

We provide counseling regarding the Clinical Trial Designs their Threats and internal and external validity.

A.- Non intervention designs:

A.1.- Cohort studies
The subjects or patients belong to a logical group, population, geographic area or suffering a specific disease.

A.2.- Cross Sectional.
Exposure and events are measured simultaneously.

A.3.- Case Control.
The selected of the disease and non-diseased subjects (the control) are recorded without the intervention.

A.4.- Chart Review.
The researcher selected the cards of the subjects from a data base.

A.5.-Case study.
The researcher selected cases that might offer anecdotal information.

B.- Intervention Designs:

B.1.- Pre-experimental designs: they don’t have random assignment of the subjects. It is a design without assignment to “treatment”

B.2.- Post only one group design.
All the subjects are treated (intervention) and then the outcome is measured.

B.3.- One group pre-post design:
Usually each subject is its own control.

C.1.- Classic Randomized Clinical Trial. (CRD or RCT).

The golden clinical trial design. The subjects in the groups are selected at random, and it has control and intervention groups at the base line and at the end of treatment.

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