Our group can offer counseling and tutoring, design and analysis of the clinical trial design that should be used in different type of protocols.

We are experts in selecting the proper statistical analysis for each clinical trials.
Descriptive Statistics. Mean, Mode, Median, Variance, Standard deviation, Standard error, quartiles, percentiles, skewness and kurtosis to check Normality, Histograms, Curve for Normal Distribution, Box plots.

Inferential Statistics:
Comparing means by the t test of the type one single group, paired groups and two independent groups.

Analysis of the level of significance.

Non parametric test when Normality is not adequate: U Mann Whitney test, Wilcoxon text, MacNemar Test, Chi square to check Normality.

Analysis of variance to compare means. Analysis of the level of significance. Multiple comparison of means (Tuckey, Duncan, LSC, Scheffe, and others). Checking lack of variance homogeneity.

Linear and multiple regression. Correlation. Uncertainty of the experimental outcome.

Multivariate Analysis: Cloud Analysis, Principal Components Analysis, Discriminant Analysis, Classical Factorial Analysis.

Statistical design of experiments for factorial, and fractional factorial analysis ( Taguchi) and quadratic models for optimization (Box and Wilson, steepest ascend).

Quality control.

Tutoring in Statgraphics, JMP and SPSS.

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